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    Hi everyone, my name is Elad. 5 ft 10 in, 190 lbs.
    I started the Texas method with:
    Squat: 275x5
    Deadlift: 345x5
    Bench Press: 185x5
    Press: 125x5
    I was on the program for almost 21 Weeks (I did not do just the intensity day of week 21 because of the illness but other than that I did not miss any workout until the illness and I reached the following work weights:
    Squat: 375x2
    Deadlift: 445x2
    Bench Press: 235x3
    Press: 142.5x5
    I am currently sick for 10 days, I got the disease severe, I believe I will be left unable to workout for another 4 days at most, making it two weeks total, I ate pretty good during that time.

    I wanted to know what do you think is the right way to go back to the program? I didn't finish it yet.
    How much percentage to cut off ? cut if off from ID and base my VD on it as usual ?
    Maybe returning to FIVES with light weight on ID ?

    I felt like I was going to war with every workout in the Texas method, I was nearing the end of the IF cycle in the squat, bench and the deadlift (I was close to reaching five sets of singles, not 5 sets on the Deadlift of course).

    My current goal is to go back to my numbers and maybe lift them with extra rep or 2 on each one of them, I would have to eat more for that to happen, but where should I start from ? what would you do and how you would be back to training ?!

    Thanks, Elad.

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    If you were very ill, you will need to feel it out a lot and adjust as you go. I would probably start with a 3 day NLP for all the lifts with ramping sets of 5 that end very light. The weight adjustment you will have to test a bit, but you could aim to end at 60% of your last top volume weight. If it's not feeling great as you do the ramping sets, you can just end early for that day. Once you are then in the groove you can start to take bigger jumps with tapered warm-ups and then move to the TM version of those days with a moderate intensity weight to start. I would try and get at least a few weeks of old TM weights under your belt before trying for new weights. Again, all of this will depend on how sick you were and feel as you ramp up.
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    It is possible that you didn't lose much strength, but you certainly lost the conditioning needed to recover from all the heavy volume work.

    I'd ramp up the number of sets gradually along with the load, as you find yourself able to recover from the work, or even needing more stress per workout.

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    I had covid and could not lift for 2 weeks due to breathing issues. But i just set a 25 pound squat PR, and will continue to add 5 pounds to every sessions. My goal is 405x5 by end of january. I dont think IF can work well enough for the difficulty that is TM. Id go back 4 weeks from your last 5s pr so ~20 pounds off your personal best, and you can likely hit PR's week 5. Also in your notation it looks like you are doing only one double or triple on the ID, to be clear its 2 sets of 3, and 3 sets of 2.


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