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    Just finished up LP by squeezing every drop out of it. I gained about 10kg's of BW and my squat topped out at 175kg for a top set of 4. Tried 176kg and only got 2. Deadlifts are at 195kg for 4 after lots of resets trying to perfect my form. Bench ended at 105kg for 4 and if I add another kg I know I will only get like 2-3 reps. Press stalled at 75kg or thereabouts for reps of 3 (Moving into coach Nick's compressed Texas Method for the upper body lifts). Anyway, I sleep about 9-10 hours a day as I am a university student and we've been doing all of our stuff online so I have ample time and sleep in late. I get about 5 meals in everyday with 200-300g of protein and this puts the calories at about 4000 a day.

    5f 7 / 170cm / 1.7m
    25 years old
    Been doing the program since August.

    Here is my question:
    I have been sprinting once a week, on Saturdays, missing some Saturdays. But as I am getting closer to comp I need to sprint more. Like 2 or 3 times a week. In season I would need to sprint twice a week plus compitition on Saturdays. The meets will happen about roughly 3 weeks apart. Starting late January and ending somewhere in April (if the Covid stuff allows us).

    How would you structure a plan for a sprinter like this? Fresh intermediate only maintaining strength? Should I just do each lift heavy 3-5x5 once a week for now? Like Monday/Thursday Squat, Bench, PC and Deadlift, Press, Chins or somethkng like that? How do you generally program for athletes?

    If it helps, I believe in an inte sity and quality based sprinting program so most days might look like 3x20m heavy resisted sprints followed by 4x60m or 1x40, 60, 60, 80 etc. Short and sweet and fast. No 4x200m sessions or long reps or tempo etc.

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    Yes, the goal should be to maintain as much as possible. You can reset a bit and run out some fives 1-2x/week (with 1-2 sets) as your time allows and then cycle to some 3s and 2s, etc. Since your sport doesn't use your upper body you might be able to put a third upper body day in there where you do one of those lifts an additional day. It's the lower body lifts you will need to be careful with so that they don't interfere with your sport training.
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