Redo LP with new lifts? Redo LP with new lifts?

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Thread: Redo LP with new lifts?

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    Default Redo LP with new lifts?

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    I'm getting near the end of LP and I've been impressed with how quickly my strength has increased. I'm curious if coaches have considered trying to run LP with different lifts instead of moving to Intermediate Programming? I own and have actually read both SS and PPST so I understand why the particular lifts were chosen. But if I were able to make similar LP gains on different lifts I may trade that for significantly less progress on the SS lifts.
    Maybe Front Squats, Incline Press, Rack Pulls alternating with Halting Deadlift, chins and snatch... Increasing load on Front Squats 3 times per week vs once per week for low bar squat seems like a good tradeoff. I have no intention of competing. Would something like this work? Are there downsides besides simply not progressing on the core lifts?
    Other less relevant info:
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 225lbs and gaining 1-2lbs/week (aka getting fat)
    Sleep: Typically ~7 hours but struggling to get more than 6 hours recently
    Current 5 rep numbers: Squat 310, Deadlift 360, Bench 250, Press 145


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    Can it be done? Yes. Is it part of the program? No. The reason is because our goal is to get stronger through the largest effective range of motion and in order to do that effectively you train the main lifts which permit you to lift the most amount of weight. Now, this isn't to say other lifts don't have their place, but if you remove back squats, deadlifts, and so on entirely you run into issues with not being able to lift the most amount of weight possible and with not training movements through the largest effective range of motion.
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    Thanks Hayden


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