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    Iíve worked my way up to 25lbs with a dumbbell on chins. I have a dip belt coming in soon for further progression. My last workout was 25lbs for 15,12,10 reps. Iím progressing pretty quickly on chins and I was wondering if I should continue to do 3 sets to failure and keep adding weight as I am now or switch to a different rep scheme like 3x5 or 3x8. Iím not entirely sure what my approach should be once weighted chin progression starts to stall. I know itís just an accessory exercise, but itís shooting my press up quite a bit. Thanks

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    There are a lot of options here. I like to LP them for a bit as you have and once they start to max out, especially if you are in the 10+ range I will start cycling through different rep ranges as you noted. A few weeks of 8s, then 5s, then 3s, etc. I also will generally cycle in/alternate bodyweight days with the weighted days to break things up a bit and help with recovery.
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