Stalling on Deadlift. Stalling on Deadlift.

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Thread: Stalling on Deadlift.

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    Personal info:
    Male, 32, 285 pounds
    Last workout numbers:
    Squat 425󬊃
    Chins:3, 3, 3

    I'm going through NLP and my deadlifts have stalled on rep count these last 2 workouts. I've made changes in programming by having a back off day for squat on Wednesday, an alternate pull (rows or power cleans) on Wednesday, and have been moving in 5 pound increments for everything for a month or so now. Workout is currently about 80-90 minutes to complete.

    My question is how should I move forward with my deadlift programming?

    Things that have been thought of; eat more, drop to one day a week for weight increase and add another alternate pull day, smaller jumps in weight, and 4 day split (press/bench, squat/deadlift, press/bench, squat/deadlift).

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    So, are you deadlifting Monday and Friday?

    How tall are you and how much are you eating?
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    6 feet tall. Haven't went hard on tracking all macros, making sure I get 230ish grams or protein per day.


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