How to make the transition ? How to make the transition ?

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Thread: How to make the transition ?

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    Default How to make the transition ?

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    Hi, I ran the regular 3 days a week Texas Method for a while,
    SQ : 275x5 -> 395x2
    DL : 345x5 -> 450 ◊2
    BP : 185◊5 -> 247.5x1
    SP : 125x5 -> 172.5x1 / 147.5 @ 5x5 (Big improvement)

    Bodyweight : 195 -> 205

    I am following Paul Horn strategy of the adjusting volume when you drop your intensity weight from the YouTube video of Starting Strength channel and it works pretty well.

    My question is :
    because I am very close to an end with this amazing program, I decided to switch to the 4 days version of the Texas Method as soon as i stuck at the singles. but I have no idea how to make the transition.

    should I cut percentage off from the singles ?
    should I go back to the last time I got stuck at 5 and switch to 3's ?

    any other suggestion ? how is the 4 days split ? should I try it?

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    I suggest reading Practical Programming. Itís spelled out in detail and then come back if itís still unclear.

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    20 more pounds might be a good thing to work on.

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    working on getting up in weight, I read and understood that the 4 days split works the same in terms of intensity, start at 1x5 and work yourself down to 5x1 and then start cycling intensity day rep range.
    but didn't understand about the transition from 3 days to 4 days.
    I ended up 3 days with 405 squat for 5 singles.
    where should I start 4 days split squat at ? 405 for 5 singles or set of five somewhere ?

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    It's literally the same program, spread over 4 days instead of 3. The only real differences are that you don't have a light day, and that you can have equal emphasis on press and bench press each week if you choose.

    You'll have to decide how you want to organize your workouts with regards to volume and intensity but the loading should be basically the same. You *might* have to adjust your volume load down slightly depending on what your other exercise is that day.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Thank you, I am still milking sets of 1 at the classic Texas Method.
    got to 415 for 5x1 Squat
    Press 180 4x1
    Bench 257.5 4x1 (Failed on the 5th Set but did a 6th Set and made it)
    Deadlift 470x1

    I never cycled Intensity day.
    I Thought about move to 4 days Texas method split cut 10% off from everything and start adding assistance work + cycling intensity day between triples doubles and singles ad written in the grey book.

    some one can tell me if this is a good idea ? never been on that stage before, no clue how to move on from the classic Texas Method, even with the grey book, kind of desperate.


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