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    Male 40 5í9 188lbs

    Iíve been following the Texas Method for 6 months and have added 15lbs body weight & increased strength substantially since starting.

    My volume day weighs for both the squat and bench press seem to stall out around 325lbs (squat) and 218lbs (bench) for 5x5.This stall has lasted around 2 months with a volume day re-set.

    However I am still making gains on intensity day for both lifts.

    Do I keep plowing through with no linear progression on the squat/bench volume day and be happy that the ultimate goal of intensity day PRís are being achieved? Or do I make an adjustment on the volume day workout?

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    If intensity day is going up, you're doing just fine. However, I would doubt keeping the volume day constant for longer than a week or two would drive progress in the intensity day.

    Keep gaining weight.


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