Intermediate squat - novice pressing? Intermediate squat - novice pressing?

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Thread: Intermediate squat - novice pressing?

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    Default Intermediate squat - novice pressing?

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    Started my NLP on Jan 19, 2021. Still working it currently. I may have started too low on most of my lifts...

    Me: 32 yo, 6' tall. Started 188 lbs, now 200. Working my way up to at least 205. Sleep 7 hours a night probably.

    Squat: 135 lbs > 330 lbs for 3 sets of 5. After stalling at 315 I implemented a light squat day and I'm still able to progress 5-10 lbs per week. More on this later...
    Bench: 105 -> 195 for 3 sets of 5
    Press: 55 -> 130 for 3 sets of 5
    Deadlift: 185 -> 340 for 1 set of 5. Still making progress here.

    Now for my question:
    I feel like my squat is going to stall soon. Recovering from my sets across takes at least two entire days if not a third. Would I be better served in the long term by switching to some sort of weekly progression now on my squat? Or should I continue to see if I can squeak out 5-10 lbs per week on a "linear" progression?

    For my pressing movements, I feel like I'm still making great progress. Bench workouts are tough, but feel confident I'll hit 197.5 later this week. Pressing is much the same way. I feel like I still have room to go on my NLP for these movements. If I switch squat to an "intermediate" program, should I do the same with pressing or stick to my NLP for longer?

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    Keep going on squat, keep putting on bodyweight. I bet you have at least another 50 lbs before having to switch programming. You're just a little light

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    Add a light squat day on Wednesday. This is in the Grey Book (Practical Programming for Strength Training).


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