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    6'4, 280# Brit here. Been doing the program on and off since December 19. Off due to that pandemic thing.

    Have got some consistency in past two months and numbers currently at:

    Squat: 330 x 5
    Deadlift: 375 x 5
    Bench: 215 x 5
    Press: 148 x 5
    Chins: BW plus 28 x 4

    Have been following the NLP as prescribed aside from substituting 80% deadlifts for 3 sets of 5 rather than power cleans. The gym I use has one proper lifting platform so this is primarily because of logistics and secondarily because I'm being lazy with my power cleans.

    Hit a wall with squats around 2 weeks ago then reset through 285 and 310 before hitting 3 sets of 5 yesterday at 330. This is my first reset on squats. Is now the right time to introduce a light day on Wednesdays or should I continue to push through? I've added 5 pounds a workout on squats but have the micro plates to add smaller intervals...

    Thanks for your help! Steve

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    Yes, it is.


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