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Thread: How to add in conditioning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flavius View Post

    My question is, if you don't want to practice any sport, but still want to ad in some conditioning, how do you do that, and when do you do it
    I have no access to a prowler or a rower, I only have access to a elliptical, or bodyweight activities like running, jump rope, etc
    I was thinking of elliptical would be the better option because you can make it harder by increasing the level of friction, and you can't do that with bodyweight stuff
    I tried HIIT type workouts on the ellipticals when the fan-bikes were tied up at my commercial gym a few times.
    It really doesn't work out so good. You really can not "crank on it" with reckless abandon like a push-sled or a fan-bike.

    In your situation (no equipment) steep hill sprints might be good.

    Another option if you have access to a lap pool is swim sprints. 25m balls out every 1 to 2 minutes is quite fatiguing.
    And it more of an upper body thing really, which is nice for just the legs a bit of a break.

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    As Mark said, it's alllll covered in depth in PPST. Buy it, read it, read it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flavius View Post
    Light weight for my height???; I am 164 cm that is 5 feet and 3 inches, I have a 39 inch waist line, I am fat actually right now at this bodyweight; I want to decrease my bodyweight a bit, lose the belly and get back to 165-175 and stay there
    Unfortunately I didn't know of SS when I started training, so I did a lot of stupid shit before learning about SS, and when I did, I was no longer a novice, and I went directly for an intermediate program

    My goal is a 375 squat, a 405 deadlift, and a bodyweight press; and then maintenance and start to practice BJJ and MMA

    Thanks for the reply though!
    You probably are a novice. Your status as a novice is based upon your ability to recover between training stresses, not how long youíve been lifting weights for. If you can add weight to the bar every training session then you are a novice. Run NLP and see how far you get. Fat loss is diet rather than cardio. Look at Weights and Plates podcast by Robert Santana SSC for advice on eating and lifting, Iíve found it very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Or you could just read the fucking book.
    Mr. Rippetoe, I am currently reading the gray book , but I haven't finished it yet; I just got to the intermediate part, but I only got to the part about the texas method as of yet; I will continue to read on, hopefully I can find a 3 day split for intermediates that excludes the bench and is more focused on the press instead; I also didn't find any information on conditioning yet, but will continue to read on;

    Thanks for the reply though!

    Quote Originally Posted by dalan View Post
    Is the pin press an overhead pin press or a bench press pin press? At any rate, you don't seem to be too eager to add close grips and don't really care about them - you don't have to have a bench press or variant if you don't want to.

    Have you considered riding a bicycle? Infinite amounts of fun and 30 minutes goes by like *that*.
    the pin press is an overhead, yes;
    I use to do mountainbiking before I started strength, I enjoyed it a lot, unfortunately, sitting in that position for a long period of time bothered my low back, and I quit biking and even sold my bike
    Also use to swim a lot during that time, I did like 20-30 50 m laps a day, but it started to bother my shoulders and I gave that up also;
    I was thinking of the elliptical because it is low impact on the joints and is also scalable to some extent

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