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    Hi Rip ,
    I'm 6'3 ,21 yrs of age , started my NLP at 77Kg currently weighing 84Kg approx. eating atleast 3500 Cals a day and adding more if i can. I increase 2.5 kg per workout on my lifts (don't have access to 5lbs plates) .Just completed 5 weeks on NLP

    Squat went from 50Kg*5*3 to 75Kg*5*3 (had to reduce the weight to fix the form , more here Squat form check)
    Press went from 32.5Kg*5*3 to 45Kg 5,4,4,2
    Bench went from 55Kg*5*3 to 65Kg*5*3
    Deadlift went from 72.5Kg*5 to 100Kg*5

    Should i add powercleans now or accumulate for a bigger deadlift (how much approximately if so ) ?

    Thank You
    Tall skinny kid

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    You should read the book.

    Don't switch to alternating deadlifts and power cleans until you have to.
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