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Notes on your squat: You are looking at yourself in the mirror, this KILLS your hip drive and also causes you to have a more upright back. Look down (4-5 feet in front) and get more bent over first. Also your stance may be a bit wide, but for my untrained eye its hard to tell from that angle, maybe someone could confirm that one for ya.

Notes on your deadlift: You are dropping your hips too deep. When you are setting your back your hips are getting too low which causes the bar to roll forward. Learn to set your back WITHOUT moving the bar. The bar is not to be moved after you get set up 1 inch away from the bar because otherwise it is away from your midfoot and is therefore not as strong. Keep your hips higher and DO NOT move the bar.
Thanks for the notes. Since my programming questions have been answered and the remaining posts are about my form, I will start a new thread in the technique sub. I should have a deadlift and squat video up tonight.

Squat: That is a problem I have, trying to check my form in the window/mirror while I'm squatting. I tried my 5x5 working sets looking at the bottom of the wall, and I was able to get lower and more bent over. It felt very weird, but the weight was still moving.

Deadlift: For whatever reason, I was adding a step into the deadlift setup of dropping my hips while I pick my chest up. I did the correct setup (hopefully last session), and the weight moved much easier.