The role of volume in producing a strength adaptation The role of volume in producing a strength adaptation

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Thread: The role of volume in producing a strength adaptation

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    Default The role of volume in producing a strength adaptation

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    Hi all,

    I have a broad question that I haven't been able to find an answer to in SS, PP, this site or forum- If it has been addressed before, I apologise.
    My question is what is the role of volume in producing a strength adaptation. Generally, but particularly for novice and intermediate lifters.
    I know as a general rule, you need a certain amout of volume, that this has to go up over time, as well as intensity, so that the strees increases.
    But: for a novice the stress event is a training session, typically but not always 3 working sets. A late intermediate now needs probably 2 or 3 workouts to produce the stress necessary, an intermediate moves to 3 training sessions which is now the stress(let's say for squats 8 sets a week of varying intensities)
    Now what happens if you go from a novice style programming to texas method? The other possibility is the preferred heavy light medium organisation, what I don't understand is this one has more volume than texas method but is considered easier, not as taxing. In my case, I'm doing TM, have never done a heavy/light/medium programme. TM is quite hard, but I don't understand is why is HLM easier if it has more volume? Also, there are other later options to TM, like a 4 day split where the volume is spread out, so I don't understand how that can be more stressful that the primary 3 day a week template.
    Thanks in advance,


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    I may have read it in PP or heard it on the podcast, but the volume comparison is per stress event, not per day or week. For the NLP, the stress event is one workout. For the 4 day split, the stress event is is several workouts. So comparing apples to apples (stress event to stress event), it's clear that the 4 day sit has much more volume than the NLP.

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    Describe the intensities between the two workout schemes.


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