Current Intermediate programming on a cut, what are your thoughts? Current Intermediate programming on a cut, what are your thoughts?

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Thread: Current Intermediate programming on a cut, what are your thoughts?

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    Default Current Intermediate programming on a cut, what are your thoughts?

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    I took a little time off to cut but have maintained a top set of 405 for Squat and Deadlift, 315 Bench, 225 OHP

    I ran novice LP until it got to the point where I just couldn't recover from the workouts and had to start resting 2 days between each session. I got my numbers to where I did because I'm OCD and I needed them to be evenly distributed.
    Also, I maxed my deadlift out with the straight bar in the 450's but decided to bring it back down because it ended up feeling like 5 sets of 1 instead of 1 set of 5 so it's the same as my squat now.

    I'm looking to add 5 lbs to the bar every month until the end of time. I'm not competing or anything, just looking to steadily get stronger over time and milk the gains and get stronger in multiple rep ranges while reducing bodyfat.

    45 years old, 5'5, was very sluggish at 285lbs, currently 255 with deflated flab on the midsection and chest, but looking to drop down to 225 and see how I feel there.

    Mon: BENCH
    Sat: SQUAT

    I am running a 4 week cycle that repeats. It looks a little bit like Wendler 5/3/1 but with a top set and backoff sets instead of 3 progressively harder work sets. Each value is a percentage of my 1 rep max, followed by the approximate number of reps. I am going up to the point of muscular failure, where I only leave 1 rep in reserve or feel form breaking down on the next rep. So 3/6/10 might look like 5/7/12 or 3/5/15 depending on sleep or food intake. The back-off sets on squats will usually be for fewer reps

    Week 1: 80/70/60 8/12/16
    Week 2: 85/75/65 6/10/14
    Week 3: 90/80/70 5/8/12
    Week 4: 95/85/75 3/6/10

    For Deadlifts I am doing 1 set of 5 still, but starting from an above knee rack pull and going lower each week until, in week 4, I'm pulling from the floor again. So instead of adjusting percentages, I am sticking with the same weight for 4 weeks and increasing range of motion to up the intensity, then adding 5 lbs at the end of 4 weeks.

    Incline Bench and Barbell Row superset 3x5 each, starting at 135.
    I intend to progress them until the barbell row turns into a pendalay row and my incline bench is somewhere between my Bench and OHP.

    Superset of Cable Crossover and Tricep Pushdown using myo-reps (rest-pause 1 set to near failure, wait half a minute hit a few more reps, repeat until failure)
    Superset of Skull Crushers and Overhead Tricep Extensions using myo-reps

    on that 4th week, I leave out the last couple of supersets because the intensity of the main lifts is too high

    For volume, I'm bringing up romanian deadlifts on my deadlift day. I'm starting with 135 3x5 and adding 5lbs a week until I hit a weight where I can't RDL anymore and it starts looking like I will have to deadlift from a dead stop

    Superset Overhand grip lat pulldowns Reverse (close grip) pulldowns

    Superset of Side Laterals and Rear Laterals

    Tri-set of Ez-Bar, Hammer, and concentration curls

    again, everything here done with myo-reps, a set to near failure rest/pause repeat to get a few more meaningful reps in, in short order.


    We squattin' so no accessory work

    Does anybody have any opinions, thoughts, recommendations?

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    You're posting this on the wrong website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarethorin View Post
    Does anybody have any opinions, thoughts, recommendations?
    Yes, me, I got a question.


    More precisely: why in God's name???

    Did you read the blue book? You made a very decent run with the LP and have strong numbers, especially your (our) age. Why on earth do you want to ruin it now? Have you ever heard of the concept to implement one small change to a program at a time? Instead of "designing" something from scrap and see if that works?
    Seriously, get the PPST book and pick an(y)other intermediate program.

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    I was drawn to Starting Strength because I hated doing 25 different exercises, which is how prior experiences had programmed me to train. Once I found a reputable program to give me permission to cut the junk out I was so grateful. It's amazing the number of people who like doing all these other time wasters.

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    That "routine" is giving my flashbacks, holy shit


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