Facing a move, rethinking programming for the short term. Facing a move, rethinking programming for the short term.

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Thread: Facing a move, rethinking programming for the short term.

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    Default Facing a move, rethinking programming for the short term.

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    I have my own garage gym with power rack and plates.

    In a few months I will be moving because my landlord wants to move back into his house, and while he is willing to move myself and my family into a different property, at a discount...
    That house doesn't have room for my equipment. I live in an area where my only gym options are 1: The University's gym, of which I am no longer a student there 2: Planet Fitness 3: A Cross-fit gym full of the type of people I just don't want to deal with.

    I have 3-4 months before the move and have already completed the novice LP once. I WAS going to try a more of a powerbuilding approach based around 5/3/1 but have decided to do something a little different for the time I still have access to my home gym. Per some of the "advice" on the board I am abandoning the one lift per day, percentage based lifts in favor of re-running the program.

    I am dropping 90lbs on all of my lifts.

    From 405 to 315 on Squat
    From 315 to 225 on Bench
    From 225 to 135 on OHP
    From 405 Deadlift to... drumroll.... switching to RDL's at 225

    So I am going to run the program back, swapping Deads for RDL's for more volume... but this time I am doing 3 sets of 5+ as many reps as possible until technical failure. I want to better my rep numbers and add 5 lbs each workout again.

    This week I Benched 225 for 12,10,9... (rested 10 min between each set) and failed on the concentric. I easily cranked out 3 sets of 10 squats at 315, and hit 10,9,8 for 135 on OHP
    RDL's feel really good, and aren't nearly as taxing. If I do start feel beat up from them, I will swap for Pendlay Rows for that week.

    I'm also following each session with two isolation lifts supersetted with myo-reps. This takes 5 minutes total. Example: cable fly and tricep pushdown back to back, or laterals and curls. I just crank out as many reps as I can with a given weight, and when I can't finish a rep, I switch to the other lift do as many reps as I can again, rest, repeat until I can only get a couple of each. It's a really quick way to add volume and go to near failure without taxing CNS. I wouldn't do this on any of the compounds, but as a finisher to your workout it's fun and you get a great pump. This is simply to grow a little more side delt, long head of the tricep, get a full pec contraction and direct bicep work after every main session. You can give me grief for doing bodybuilding fluff, but I can see my weak points, and how bringing them up will assist my strength down the line.

    I am going to run out this version of LP until I can only get 3 sets of 5 again and try to get past my previous PR's, or I have to move. 12 to 15 weeks should be ample to run back up 90lbs on each lift, maybe more.

    I feel like having built a good strength base, I can dip back down and milk every 5 lb jump for more volume, knowing that if I benched 315 for 3x5 a month ago, that when I get back up to do 285, I will get 7's or 8's on a couple of those sets. When I can only get 5 or 6 reps on that first set, I will know its time to go back to 5's across.

    When I have to move, I do have a maxed out set of powerblock dumbbells with extra magnetic 1.5lb micro plates, an adjustable bench that I can slide under my bed, and a chin up bar.

    In a few years, I will be buying my own house... but until then, It looks like I will be using dumbbells almost exclusively.

    Here's what it looks like...
    5+ just means going for AT LEAST 5 reps on each set.

    Workout A

    OHP 3x5+
    Chins 3xF (I superset these to save time, 5 min rest between Chins and OHP)

    Squat 3x5+

    accessory work 1 myo-rep superset, rest pause of each
    Curls (varied, whatever feels good on the day)
    Lateral & Rear Lateral Raises

    Workout B

    Bench 3x5+
    RDL or Row 3x5+ (I superset when I do rows, RDL's I have to set up separate)

    accessory work 1 myo-rep superset, rest pause of each
    Cable Fly

    Thought? Am I crazy? Stupid?
    Has anybody else done a reset and ramped it back up this way?

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    Looks like fun.

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    I actually read all that and I don't understand the rationale behind any of it. Why would you drop so much weight off your lifts if you're presumably losing the gym soon? 90 lbs off your bench and press is less than your middle warm up sets. This almost feels like a troll job. If you are looking for advice, I think you should get the lifts up as high as possible before moving.

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    Dude, you always get the deadlift part of the troll wrong, last time you were doing 465, now you are down to 405, but your other lifts are still up there?


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