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    i am 37 and weigh approximately 90kg at 5ft 8

    3 weeks ago i thought i was ready to move on to intermediate programming and started following the texas method.

    i referred to one rep max calculators to get my one rep max based on my last 5 rep max and looked up strength standards on the site linked below to determine that i was at the higher scale of intermediate for squats and deadlifts and at the lower scale of intermediate for bench press and shoulder press. i was also finding it difficult to recover from squats and wasnt able to recover to deadlift to keep making progress on that which i also factored into my decision to move onto intermediate programming. by comparison my bench and, particularly, my press are lagging behind though.

    One Rep Max Calculator - Strength Level

    my last squat 5 rep max was 163kg which gives me a one rep max of 181kg according to that calculator.
    deadlift is 182.5kg x 5 which would give a one rep max of 205.3kg
    bench press is 100kg x 5 giving a one rep max of 112.5kg
    press is 55 x 5 giving a one rep max of 62kg.

    i think ive made a mistake here though? is this the wrong way to go about determining where your progress actually is and also whether its actually time to move into intermediate programming? are these one rep max calculators and strength standard tables complete BS? when i see intermediate referred on their scale im assuming that people who are within that range in terms of their numbers should be following an intermediate programme such as the texas method.

    Assuming my deadlift and squat are actually intermediate standard should i continue following texas method for squats and deadlifts but revert my bench and shoulder press back to novice programme. i.e 3 x 5 every second workout alternating the lifts?

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    OP has been on this forum awhile and made quite a few posts -- and he still somehow produced this wall of shit. Interesting.


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