PC alternative for novices / higher deadlift frequency PC alternative for novices / higher deadlift frequency

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Thread: PC alternative for novices / higher deadlift frequency

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    Default PC alternative for novices / higher deadlift frequency

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    The book says a novice should do deadlifts every single workout for a short period of time before the weight goes up a good amount and switch to alternating between DL and PC.

    I learned how to deadlift under a coach's supervision but never did power cleans. I don't want to risk doing them wrong by learning it on my own since it's a much more sophisticated movement.

    I do want to train deadlifts every single workout. I think it's good for keeping my form and I enjoy the movement too.

    Is there a version of the novice programming that doesn't involve PCs but more DLs? Maybe a light DL day?

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    Why do you think you are unable to teach yourself the PC? Alternatively, why not return to your coach (who is???), and ask him to teach you?

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    You can figure out how to clean on your own. Post videos in the technique forum when you have problems, and we'll help you.
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    SSC Paul Horn recommends on the TM to do Monday 3x5 (85% of Intensity Day Deadlift), Wednesday 3xAMRAP Chins, Friday 1x5 (1x3>1x2>1x1). This is for Intermediate programming though. Video. Try learning the PC yourself until RIP tells you to get a coach.


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