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    Hi All -

    I'm looking for input and help on getting my Press unstuck. I've been training for just over a year and a half, but only started Pressing (for fear of my torn labrum) around the 1 year mark (i.e. Been pressing for about a half a year). I did run a successful NLP, and a successful TM run after that. Press has been stuck at 207.5# for about a month... Here are the rest of my numbers:

    29 y/o Male
    6'2" - 255#
    Eat ~4,000 calories a day, ~230-300g protein daily, Sleep 9-10 hours a night.
    My numbers in training are as follows:
    Squat: 465# x1
    BP: 307.5# x1
    Rack Pull: 525# x5, Halting & Full DL: 425# x5
    Press: 205# x1

    I've been on an Upper/Lower 4-day split with a three week cycle of Rep Ranges & Intensity, except for the Press, for which I've been following Nick Delgadillo's recommended "intermediate" programming: 25 reps on Volume Day (started with 5x5, but now it takes a bunch of 2's & 3's to hit 25 total), and 7 singles on Intensity day. It's worth noting that I always Press after Benching... This style of programming got me to 205#, but I've hit a wall at 207.5#. SS just released a video about "throwing" the Press toward the ceiling and through the sticking point - thought that might solve my issue, but didn't help much.

    Any input or advice would be much appreciated! I've tried to share all pertinent information, but feel free to ask if you see anything missing. Really want that Two Plate Press!

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Have you tried 206?

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    Can we see a video of recent heavy singles?

    What happens when you try to do 207.5?
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