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Did BJJ for a number of years with a similar program to SS. It's difficult. You either will prioritize BJJ or lifting. You cannot prioritize both.

If it helps the way I ran my schedule was:

Mon/Weds/Fri - BJJ class
Tues/Thurs - Lift
Sat - Open Mat

I couldn't eat enough so I plateau'd and ended up focusing entirely on BJJ (and subsequently losing a lot of muscle). I don't know if it's bullshit or not but I was told to basically focus all my effort on power cleans because the guys who clean the most hit the hardest. That advice may be useful for you deciding on your programming priority. The standard novice LP is not anything like you'd see in a BJJ weight room. You will want to find a specific fighting coach to give you a proper LP that will assist your BJJ. Moreover, if you compete like most of us BJJ people do, you will be forced into really, really dramatic cuts that will more often than not have negative effects on your lifting. Keep this in mind.
I disagree with a lot of this. Fuck bjj weight rooms, those CrossFit type classes they have are nonsense and a good way to get hurt for nothing. Also, nobody is forcing anybody to cut weight, I compete pretty regularly at purple and never cut weight, although a lot of people in my weight class do. I donít really care whether they do or not, Iím almost always stronger than them anyways. Let the guy have some fun, heís not trying to compete at adcc.

I would say lp as long as you can and go to bjj as much as you want, eat everything in sight, and just move to intermediate programming when you stall. If you want to be serious about either one than thereís a different conversation to have that Iím not qualified for, but donít make this out to be more than it is.