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    Default 4 day split question

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    What are the considerations for the order of the lifts throughout the week.
    Typical split:
    M: bench and press
    Tues: squat and pull
    Thurs: press and bench
    Friday: squat and pull

    Could the bench/press days be Tuesday and Friday? or is the weekend recovery better placed following the heavy pull on Friday?

    Almost 71 yo. who has been following HLM. Going to 4 day split to shorten workouts because the recent heat is becoming a primary stress in my garage gym. If it ever cools off I may go back to three lifts per workout.

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    The M/TH T/F schedule doesn't seem to matter that much. I like to get my SQ/DL over with on Monday.

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    The rationale is that even an especially fatiguing press session is unlikely to interfere with squats and pulls, whereas a heavy squat or pull may very well shave strength off your presses. This might not be true for you, depending on how heavy your presses are and how sensitive your squats are to fatigue. I personally don't find anything but heavy pulls even comes close to interfering with my squats, but there's no especial reason why it's a bad idea, especially if you're moving to 4 day for the reason you stated and have been having good presses immediately following squats in the past.

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    Thanks Rip. I also like starting the week with Squat-Deadlift. The split is working well. I have a better attitude going into each workout even in the heat.

    Maybach: my OHP barely qualifies as training, more like exercise. Wreck in 1993 fractured my R glenoid and surgery followed but the joint has been a problem since then, chronic pain and instability. Especially overhead movements. If not for fractional plates I probably wouldn't actually be "training" the press. The numbers are pathetic.

    The bad shoulder presents less problems with BP. I feel like I have more strength in the tank for the lift but stability is still an issue. I am able to train the bench.

    The shoulder issue is also a limiting factor in racking a power clean so those are done very infrequently on light pull days. In fact, my light pulling is just that; I deadlift light on light pulling days.
    At almost 71 I don't feel I'm missing much by not doing cleans to display my power. I just want my deadlift to hit 405 for a triple.

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