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Thread: Hitting a plateau on bench press

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    Yeah, you're doing something wrong. Either not eating/sleeping enough, not resting long enough in between sets, or doing the lifts wrong. The squats in the other thread are pretty bad: that might be just it. There's no reason your performance should be cratering like that throughout a workout. A weight you can do for 3 should not be unliftable at any point provided you're resting.

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    Hi, for what it's worth:

    you say you are waiting until you feel comfortable with 270 before you are ready to add 5 pounds to the bar.

    And I agree with your assessment that this is psychological block. I have the same thing from time to time and it is your body's way of fighting against doing something hard.
    Since the weights you are lifting are not bad at all, I assume you know this.

    Although I am not a doctor, what I can tell you is this: you will never progress unless you add some weight and see what happens. If you have safety pins set at the proper height, nothing really bad can happen (unless you screw up like I once did and had the pins set too low).

    I have had similar fears about the bench press because even if you have a good spotter, if you somehow slip and drop the weight, no spotter can really catch it in time before it slams on your face. Lesson: Use chalk .
    But anyway, getting off topic here .

    You know when a set of 5 squats at 270 will feel easy or comfortable? When you can easily do a set of 5 at 335. :-)
    Hope that makes sense.

    Keep pushing and try to ignore the inner voice telling you to keep things light. Everyone has this at some point I would guess.

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