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I listened to Episode #59 with Nick D and he specifically mentioned 265lb as a point he sees people needing a change in their squat program. .
Nick (and Ray) also said in this episode not to get too fixated on the exact numbers. Each person is different.
That being said, probably at your young age and weight 265 would be a reasonable guess. But if you can keep going up 3 times a week successfully, by all means do so!!! You will be better off.

And in the episode he suggests what to when (or before) 3x5 doesn't work. Namely, next step is to add light day on Wednesday at 80% Monday's weight and continue to push the weight up each Monday and Friday as long possible. This should give you another month or so of gains. That is the theory, anyway.
After that, it becomes personal preference - HLM with one day 3x5 (or one heavy set and two backoffs at 90% per week on H day). Something like that, but I listened to that episode 3 times now and pick up something new each time.