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Thread: Programming Singles Texas Method

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    Default Programming Singles Texas Method

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    Hey Team,
    Looking for some experience with programming singles, i'm unsure how to programme in given the high level of stress especially for squat & DL. Appreciate for the upper body lifts especially the press this level of stress is required to progress.

    I was thinking the following (4d Texas):
    Intensity Day over 2 days:
    Squat 1x1@90%, 1x5@80%
    Press 3x3@85% - not ready for singles yet, recently changed the programming to prioritise the press vs BP

    DL 1x1@90%
    BP 5x1@90%

    Any thoughts please, if you can put up any programming ideas thats worked for you would be great
    Kind Regards

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    The change to singles is made based on your previous performance on triples, not percentages. The only relevant percentage you need is the one that dictates your volume day offset.

    You need to reread the Texas method chapter in the Grey book. You do not understand the principles at work in the design of the Texas method.

    Doing a single 90% single for deadlift is a waste of time. Doing back off singles at 80% is similarly pointless. If you are not setting a PR on intensity day, you are not doing the Texas method. Which is why percentages for intensity day are an extremely stupid idea.

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