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Thread: Is this more or less the best I will be able to squat ?

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    Default Is this more or less the best I will be able to squat ?

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    I have been training with a SSC for almost 3 years. 

    I am 48
108 kg, 186cm tall

    • Deadlift max 175kg, best set of 5 at 157.5kg.

    • Press max 77kg, best set of 5 64kg.

    • Bench max 105.5kg best set of 5 93kg.

    I am trining on my own, with a SCC doing my programming and 1:1 from time to time.
    Current program is built of 4 workouts spread over 10 days. 2 lifts per workout
    • Squat 4x5 across (volume)
 +. Bench 5x1 (intensity)

    • Deadlift. 2x5 across (volume)
 + Press 5x1 (intensity)
    • Squat 4 singles
+ Bench 4x5 (volume)

    • Deadlift 1 single + set of 3 back off
+ Press 4x5 across (volume)

    Back in July 2023 I was less than 95kg BW, and my squats where more or less the same,
    here are some of the squats workouts I have logged from than :

    Jul 1st - 120 kg - 2 x sets of 3, 

    Jul 7th -110kg for 3 sets of 5 across,
    Jul 22nd - 122kg - set of 2 + 2 more single.

    Last month (at 108kg of body wight) I got these numbers on the squat :

    Top single was 130kg,
    best set of 5 was 117.5kg

    I think this improvement is somewhat pathetic. I have gained more in BW than in my squat. This is more or less typical of the entire time I have been training, squats have always been the hardest to improve.
    I probably should point out that other lifts did go up a bit during this time :

    Press 50 --> 64 kg for stets of 5,
Bench 80 --> 93,

    Deadlift 135 --> 157 

    to get some gains on my squat, I was suggested by my coach to move the squats programing to a much more complex program consisting of multiple volume and intensity workouts before each jump in work loads. 

    Volume 1:
    4x5 @ 107.5 kg
    Volume 2:
    4x5 @ 112.5 kg
    Volume 3:
    4x5 @ 115 kg
    Volume 4:
    4x5 @ 117.5 kg
    Realizaiton 1:
    3 @ 110 kg
    3 @ 112.5 kg
    3 @ 115 kg
    Realizaiton 2:
    3 @ 117.5 kg
    3 @ 120 kg
    3 @ 122.5 kg
    Realizaiton 3:
    1 x 1-3 @ 120 kg
    1 x 1-3 @ 122.5 kg
    1 x 1-3 @ 125 kg

    I don't know about this program. seems over complex
    Could I be missing something that might get my squat up ? 
Should I keep fighting the squats? Maybe just accept it? 

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    Get the book. Read it. Do the program.

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    Do you mean you've been working with a "SSC" (Starting Strength coach) or a "SCC" (strength and conditioning coach). The former is a special case of the latter, and should have absolutely done a better job with you than these numbers. I find it very hard to believe that you got authentically stuck at 117.5 kg.

    The proscription to go back and actually do the program is always the move because frankly there is a lot of horseshit here. You approached these maxes from a weird angle.

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    Name your coach.

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    Yes a Starting Strength coach Zohar

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    starting strength coach development program
    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel View Post
    Yes a Starting Strength coach Zohar
    What does he say?

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