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Thread: looking for squat check videos thread

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    Default looking for squat check videos thread

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    There used to be a stickythread that had at least a dozen squat form check videos submitted by other ppl. I can't seem to find it on this new forum site. Could you guys let me know where it went or if it's still around? Thanks.

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    I can't find it. The search function here doesn't find it at all (at least, not with any of the various searches I tried). Google finds only a cached reference to it (from the old site).

    From the Google search, I can see that the thread title was "Squat Form Check Compilation," the user who started the thread was Tor, and the last post in it was on 10/17/2008. And it was in Rip's Q&A forum.

    Perhaps the thread didn't get pulled over to the new site for some reason. Mods? Anyone know about this? Is the thread buried here somewhere and we're just not finding it?


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    Maybe someone is re-working it. The last time I watched through them on the other forum site many of the videos had been pulled down already so only about half of the links had videos to watch.


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