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Thread: asking about deadlift form

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    Default asking about deadlift form

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    Is this Crossfit video showing good deadlift form? If that's what it is, then I gotta keep working on my deadlift.

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    They're not bad, but I wouldn't be happy with most of those.

    Person #1 is slightly losing back angle off the ground, leaving too much hip extension in the second half, followed by an exaggerated and unnecessary shrug and shoulder roll.

    Person #2's stance is a little too narrow, and again she isn't getting the most out of her quads in the first half of the lift.

    Person #4's arms are too vertical in her setup.

    Same for person #5, and she's moving around too much in the lockout position at the top.

    Person #6 is lifting with her cervical spine in overextension.

    Person #7's stance is a little too wide, his arms are too vertical in the setup.

    Person #8 is pulling with the bar away from his shins.

    And it looks like most of them don't know how to lower the bar. In addition to the fact that you can't make many conclusions from videos of crossfitters deadlifting 75 lbs.

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    The form is good but the weight is too ligh and you can't really tell what will happen during a work-set. If you are unsure about your form a video check will help you more.

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    What's with all the upper back action in all these vids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shion View Post
    What's with all the upper back action in all these vids?

    Ham, as Mike said, none of these are too great. That said, it's pretty hard to fuck up a deadlift. The weight used requires efficiency and will make impossible any extraneous movement. Which is probably what's wrong with this vid. Slap 225 - 250 on the bar and I'd bet their form would look much better.


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