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    Hi everyone
    I have a chance to buy high quality custom-made weightlifting shoes. I'm not the most flexible guy nor am I built to squat (barrel chest, long legs relative to torso) so raised heels would be usefull for sure. I was thinking 2,5-3cm(1"-1,2") would be enough. Anyone has an experience with different heel heights? How much is too much and what is a "standard" height? I deadlift barefoot so these will be used to squat and power snatch only. Any help would be appreciated.

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    0.75" is the standard heel height. If you're very tall then a higher heel might make sense so that the lift would still be in proportion. Also the less flexible your ankles are, the more the heel height helps. More heel will make the squat position in the clean and snatch (and squat) more comfortable, but may make your pulling position more awkward if the heel is too high.


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