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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for the wealth of information you make available here.

    I'm having a little trouble with my squat. I know I'm doing a few things wrong. First, I've hurt my left shoulder by not squeezing my back tightly enough and allowing my arms to bear some of the weight. I've corrected this, but the pain remains.

    I've recently corrected for hip flexor tendonitis, concentrating on getting my butt back and my knees apart. It helped immediately.

    Now I'm having pain near my hamstring origin in both legs. It's not severe, but it's present anytime I get into the squat position, with or without weight.

    The first video is a warm up set at 155 pounds. The second is my last work set at 255. As you can see I miss the last rep. This workout left my low back extremely fatigued, to the point where I struggled with my deadlifts.

    What can I change, and how, as a coach, would you cue me to do so? I can tell that my knees are coming farther forward with the heavier weight, and this especially I think caused the missed rep.

    Oh, by the way, I'm 27, 6'1" and 191 lbs.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    An aside: i don't know why it's so difficult to make a good flash video player (well... actually i have some idea) but my advice is to stick w/ Vimeo or YT for these vids. For me this one stutters a fair amount both in FF and Chrome (and the "go to video" option at the end doesn't do anything ... neither does the fullscreen button)

    Also, back the camera up so we can see all of you. between the half view and the stutter hard to see what's going on.

    Anyway, these look generally alright to me. The main thing that i, a random guy from the internet, see is that, on the heavy set you kind of move your knees all through the rep instead of moving them forward at the top and then keeping them there. That's something to consider but not a huge deal. You say that you've already addressed this before so more of the same. This is where the "very useful block of wood" (or whatever the name is) can come in handy.

    On the rep that you failed your knees came in toward each other though, unless you had pain somewhere in which case it was a good call, i think you gave up on that rep too soon.

    Don't know what to say about the hamstrings except stretch them and monitor them to see if they get better. possibly some ibuprofen and a few days off if they don't get better.


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