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    I'm fairly new to the forum, starting strength, and lifting in general. I've developed some hip and low back pain while squatting. This is a repost from the technique section but the problem has not been resolved. original post

    25 years old, mail, 6'1", 215 lbs.
    I decided to start squatting about a year ago but had no clue what I was doing. After getting up to about 185lbs I developed pain in my back along the iliac crest starting just left of the spine and extending left about 3 inches. There wasn't much pain during or just after lifting but starting about an hour afterwards for the next day the pain could get so bad I couldn't sleep. Lifting 185 lbs doesn't feel that hard to me and for a bit I just trained through it. As I increased the weight more I also had pain near where my left adductor originates, deep in the groin near my left testicle. I felt this pain at the bottom of the squat and it could be quite sharp. I stopped lifting and saw a doctor last November who sent me to a physical therapist. The therapist concluded it was a tight hip flexor/psoas. She did some massage and showed me stretches that never really helped. After a few months of not squatting the pain went away completely. At that point a friend suggested SS so I bought the book (3rd edition) and some lifting shoes and resolved to try again.

    The pain is back now and I don't really know what to do. I've never had anyone look at my technique so that's probably the best place to start. This is me lifting 165 lbs.
    I believe I need to go a couple of inches lower, I have some buttwink, and my knees might be coming forward out of the bottom.

    I'd appreciate any advice in general and specifically relating to this pain. Thanks

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    Those squats look just like mine did before I saw a coach last week. (was having lower back pain as well)

    I'd be just above parallel if I tried to stay tight and when I got below parallel it was at the cost of my lower back and hamstring tightness.

    Cues that helped me were to set my lower back arch before each rep by "dropping my dick between my legs" like Rip likes to teach it. Then I had to work hard to maintain this set position through the bottom of the squat.
    I also had to focus more on keeping my knees out as hard as I could. I practiced the feeling by going into a bodyweight squat with my elbows on the inside of my knees pushing out. Then I'd push out even harder and remove my elbows so that I was holding my knees out on my own. You should feel a pretty distinct tightness when they are shoved out as far as possible.

    It looks to me like your setup is pretty good you just need to work on keeping that lower back arch in the bottom. You'll have to remember your chest up cue too so that you don't drop your chest as a result of that back


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