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    by Bill Starr

    Ernie was a massive specimen, standing 6’ 4” and weighing 285. He had recently been making some impressive gains and was on the verge of breaking into the upper echelon of the heavyweight class. He worked a giant lathe at the Continental Can Company and often put in a half day’s work on Saturday before driving to York to train. At that time he drove a Volkswagen Beetle.

    Article-Part 1

    Article-Part 2

    Article-Part 3

    Article-Part 4

    Article-Part 5 : Disneyland!

    Article-Part 6 : The Senior Nationals Powerlifting Contest

    Article-Part 7 : The Olympic Games, Mexico City, 1968 "Getting There"

    Article-Part 8 : The Olympics

    Article-Part 9 : Preparation

    Article-Part 10: The Competition

    Article-Part 11: Crunch Time

    Article-Part 12: The Final Chapter
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    Just wanted to post what an awesome article series this is. I read all 5 of these in two days last week and I love the way Starr takes you back to the old York days to where you feel like you are actually there. Fabulously written articles, which are incredibly fun to read. This stuff is important history - and I'm thankful to Rip and Stef for preserving it.

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    I have to agree with Matt here. Great story and my favourite read on this page so far.

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    It's a real treat to read about some of these iron guys (whom you can google image search to see what they looked like), and Bill Starr really writes excellent prose. Kudos to Starr!

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    Ernie Pickett is a big inspiration for me. He went from a 185 lb weakling to one of the strongest men in the world. I like that he never gave up even when people said he was too tall for weightlifting. Maybe I'll be as strong as him one day.

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    In the late 60s, my father Jack King put on a meet in August at the Winston Salem, NC YMCA usually one of the last meets before the Senior Nationals. Iíll never ever forget seeing big Ernie lift there one summer and I think Bill Starr was handling him. I remember watching him in the warmup room and was stunned at his pressing prowess as well as how he engaged and spoke to me, a young wide-eyed kid. Fond memories and supreme joy reading any and everything Bill Starr ever wrote. He was truly gifted at telling stories and drawing your interest as well as humanizing whomever he describes.


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