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    by Marty Gallagher

    "Joe Weider was, as Kris Kristofferson related in the song Sunday Morning Coming Down, “a walking contradiction; partly fact and partly fiction.” For every Weider admirer there was a Weider detractor, for every fan there was a hater, for every accolade there was a lawsuit. He was the giant, the Mac Daddy, the King, of that ever-so-weird cult of big time professional bodybuilding."

    Article (Part 1)

    Article (Part 2)
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    "Marty widely considered one of the best writers in the iron game."

    Absolutely. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thanks Marty, for telling it like it is. I just wish I hadn't spent thousands on muscle mags in the 80's.

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    Absolutely the best description of the wars between Weider and Hoffman I have ever seen. Also a great explanation of the rise of fitness culture in the second half of the 20th Century.

    As for the fitness explosion among women in the 80's? Very simple explanation actually. The Boomers started to hit the Big 3-0.


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