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    Alright PR night tonight!
    First just the numbers so that it's hopefully easier for Tom.

    Bodyweight this morning 198.4
    Deadlift (conventional) 440.7,
    Bench (touch and go) 262.7,
    Squat (belted, sleeves) 337.7,
    New gym total 1041.1 pounds.

    Now for the story in case anyone is interested.
    Having been bumped from the top 50, I thought it was as good time as any to check my 1RM's, even though I had a regular session on Monday and my elbows have been bothering me a little as of late. It was my scheduled deadlift day so I started with that, with the thinking if I didn't get at least to 430, than there was no point in continuing and I would just switch over to my normal workout.

    Previous deadlift PR was 400. 325 and 375 went up fairly easy so I loaded 405 on the bar. If nothing else at least I would get the 4 plate deadlift! 405 went up no problem. I should mention that I'll post all of the PR videos in my log, as I don't think there is much value to include those here as it's the big boy lifts that count for the total. Next up 425. This was pretty hard, but it went up and I thought I could do more. So I loaded up 435, I thought about trying to jump to 450, which would put me halfway to the goal of 500, but in the end I decided on 435 because that's what I needed to hit my goal of a 300 wilks score. How did I get to 440.7 you ask, it's from the collars and all of my plates except for 2 weigh more than their stated value. This was hard, no doubt, but the bar speed felt pretty good through the first 75% of the lift. The lockout was the struggle, which is interesting because historically, it's been breaking the bar from the floor that's been the problem for me. So with the 440.7 in the bank, I had no choice but to go for it!

    Previous bench press PR was 250. I warmed up to 225, which didn't feel that good elbow wise, but I was already comitted. I loaded up 260, for a 10 pound PR and to put me in the right position for my end game with what I thought I could squat and still hit my goal. This was a pretty good rep for me. I briefly thought about trying 265, but I had got what I thought I needed and my elbows politely asked to stop that nonsense. An extra 2.7 pounds with collars and plate overages.

    Last up the squat. Previous squat PR was 315 set about a week ago after my worksets. I needed 330 to hit my wilks goal. I warmed up to 275 which felt solid. Next up 325. That was a smokeshow, even though I almost lost it a little bit forward (which is my tendency on heavy squats). I loaded up 335. This was pretty solid and it felt like my technique was spot on. However, the bar speed wasn't that fast, and all of a sudden I started to get worried about getting an injury. Having met my goal, I decided that I would stop. An extra 2.7 pounds with collars and overages.

    All in all I'm stoked. These numbers are very close to what my estimated 1RM's were from my most recent work sets. And it feels great to have got my 1000 pound total, 4 plate deadlift, and a 300+ wilks score all in one night. Now the 300/400/500 club is my next goal, which I'm sure I'll need to get back on the list.

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    I thought I'd post my lifts/stats here.

    Male, 27 years old, 215lbs BW

    Sumo Deadlifts 455x1

    Have a grip problem unfortunately, current 455x5 with straps, can only do a single double overhand without and cannot figure out mixed grip in sumo, always feels crooked...

    Squats with sleeves 450x1

    Benchpress 295x5 touch and go

    so that's a 1200 gym total.

    Press 225x1

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    'Grats Caveman. nice writeup. Keep up the good work.

    Looks like bob g takes over the #1 press slot.


    have a nice day.

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    Thanks Tom! I saw question marks for my age on THE list. It's 37, though I don't think that's old enough to help with a Wilks boost.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to Tom for doing this. I recently did a meet and set some new PRs so I thought I would post over here and see how I stack up.

    John Petrizzo
    Age: 29
    BW: 235

    As of last week, my best numbers are:

    Squat: 500 (no wraps or knee sleeves)
    Bench: 330 (paused)
    Deadlift: 600

    Best total: 1430

    Also, I haven't been pressing a ton in preparation for my meet but my most recent PR in that was 220 for a triple.

    Here is my meet video:

    Also, I do not have video evidence of my press, but here is the link to my log post documenting it:
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    I guess I will do this too.

    Age: 26
    Sex: female
    Body Weight: 152lb

    Best Total: 700 @ 146.6lb BW

    Best Lifts:
    Squat: 240 (@146.6lb BW)
    Bench: 165 paused (@152lb BW)
    Deadlift: 305 (@146.6lb BW)
    Press: 117.5 (@152lb BW)

    Thanks for doing this!
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    How recent does this stuff need to be?

    From Sep 2012: British Classic Powerlifting Champs at Horncastle.

    BW: 104.3
    Sex: Male
    Age: 43
    Squat: 207.5/456 (no belt no wraps)
    Bench: 125/275 (no belt, wrist wraps)
    Deadlift: 222.5/489 (no belt, no wraps)

    Log post for meet:

    Edit: Wilks appears to be 341.
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    Esteemed Mr. Narzavezavez-

    Please note that my newest PR on the deadlift is 410 lbs, which I lifted for a set of 4 this evening. This is reflected in my training log. Please administer to me the one Wilks point and change that I am due at your earliest convenience or whensoever else that you may feel like it.

    To whoms it may concern: I don't understand how I'm still on this list. Your continued refusal to push me into at least 99th place and humiliate me into recklessly attempting new PR lifts will not be tolerated.

    Thank you for your time.



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    Please update the following for me:

    Press - 175 X 2 - just achieved today (check my log if interested);

    My overall totals are: squat - 285; DL - 375; BP - 230 - which probably does jack shit for me in the rankings, but at least it is current (and in my log). I'm going after 295, 380, and 235 for the BS, DL, and BP, respectively, but I'll let you know if/when I hit those numbers this week.


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    starting strength coach development program
    From my recent meet:

    Sex: Male
    Age: 31
    BW: 241 lbs
    Squat: 523 no wraps no sleeves
    Bench: 363
    Deadlift: 551
    Total: 1438
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