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    I'd appreciate input on this. Third work set at 270.


    I'm mostly wondering if I'm high and if I'm twisting left somehow, but won't be surprised if I need to work on other stuff.

    If it matters, I'm 49, doing old man SS (2x week, no power cleans). I'd gotten to this weight on SS from 6/2011 to 1/2012 and then got in a car wreck that had me off the program until 3/2013 (with lots of atrophy). My left thigh is still notably smaller than the right and the right SI joint is goofy.

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    Yeah, you could use to go a little deeper on all of those. I think you are also correct about the slight twist. Think about pushing your left shoulder slightly forward on your ascent. Sorry to hear about the wreck. Good on you for coming back. Take a little weight off the bar and bury your squats. Most of the rest looks okay from what I can see.


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