Pathologies prohibiting full, free squats? Pathologies prohibiting full, free squats?

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Thread: Pathologies prohibiting full, free squats?

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    Default Pathologies prohibiting full, free squats?

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    Hey Rip

    (Apologies if this has been asked. Couldn't find anything.)

    I've got an appointment to an orthopedist to look at my fucked up hips that have been fucked up for over a month now (not going to stop squatting or anything like that), and it got me thinking: Are there any pathologies or physical weirdnesses that you think would stop someone doing full ROM, free squats, but not things like deadlifts?

    (By the way, I'd like to add that the coaches at my gym, and SSC Steve Hill looked at my squat technique, and could not find anything technical that could explain the pain.)

    I would think that some dramatic deformity in the hips would possibly reduce someone to box squatting (barring surgical options). I've read in some other threads that SSC Matt Reynolds does not full squat because of hip arthritis.

    But anyway, is there a point where someone would just be better off not squatting, or at least the "traditional" type of squat?


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    hit google with: hip impingement mri

    which might find you some mention of


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