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    For someone looking to go down the powerlifting route, would you make any modifications to the basic TM template?

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    This question presumes that you've run completely through a novice linear progression, correctly.

    Given that, I would offer the following modification: eat more.

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    The main modification I would make is, in the weeks leading up to the meet, ramp up weight with lower reps on Intensity Day. If you're still doing 5's on Intensity Day, add some weight and do triples, doubles, and singles instead of just PR-ing your 5. Exactly how to organize this, and for how many weeks, would depend on the individual considerations of the lifter.

    Also depending on the lifter, a short spell of slight volume reduction on Volume Day might be in order. But for an Intermediate, you want to be careful that it's not too much reduction for too long. Again, specific considerations for the lifter, i.e. someone who is 3 months into intermediate squatting 325x5x5 on Volume Day vs someone 3 years into Intermediate squatting 515x5x4 on Volume Day.


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