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    1st week on SS. Looks to me like my butt is starting too high, and I'm pulling mostly with my back. Any help or queue's appreciated!

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    Lance, welcome to the SS party!

    However, you're not pulling your deadlifts in the way described in Starting Strength. First read this thread:
    Do all your pulls from now on in exactly the way outlined in the 5-step set-up.

    A couple other notes:
    1. Take off the gloves
    2. Don't bounce your reps; every one starts from a dead stop on the floor
    3. Finish your pull by standing all the way up, hips & knees locked out and chest up. There is no need to exaggerate this, as you see some do, by leaning back, but you do need to stand all the way up.

    Re-tool your DLs to fit the SS model and they'll not only feel better and "shorter," but will allow you to pull more weight as well.

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    Exactly what I'm looking for, thank you!


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