Neuromuscular Efficiency for the Strength-Lifter Neuromuscular Efficiency for the Strength-Lifter

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Thread: Neuromuscular Efficiency for the Strength-Lifter

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    Default Neuromuscular Efficiency for the Strength-Lifter

    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    by C.J. Gotcher

    “[C]an we accelerate performance by tapping the neuromuscular system? To see if that’s feasible, we need to know how the neuromuscular (NM) system works, how it’s measured, and if there is a way to upgrade this “mind-muscle connection” to get more power out of the same musculoskeletal hardware.”


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    I love this article, technical as it is. I might need to read it a couple more times and play the concepts around in my head for a while.

    I made that same mistake of doing a murph during my NLP. In fact I did several murphs, marathons and a bunch of other things that were potentially detrimental to my recovery during this period; It's probably why for the longest time I was on an annoying plateau.

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    My thanks to Wagude for bringing thia story back to the top of the forum so I could stumble onto it.

    I'm on the left side of the bell curve for NME, and the takeaway section re: low-NME folks might need more volume (or higher intensity at same volume) to apply adaptive stress is a studied confirmation of what I've been seeing in my own training logs.

    Good stuff.


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