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    I hope this finds everyone well. I am a first time poster and just finished up the Starting Strength Seminar in Brooklyn, NY. I am posting because anyone on here who is serious enough about their training to video their sets, post them, and seek advice, NEEDS TO ATTEND A SEMINAR. It was the most useful thing I have done for my training and coaching over the past 12 years. You cannot replicate the experience doing anything else, period. I have read the books and articles several times over, filmed my training, coached the model over the past several years, and this seminar provided as much useful information, and more, than all of my past experiences combined. Not just for my own training, but coaching as well. The staff is there to make YOU better. I cannot say enough good things about the experience. Make whatever sacrifices in your life that you need to in order to get to a seminar.

    I cannot thank Rip, Tom, Dana, Brent, Wolf, Stef, and the CFSB staff enough for the experience this weekend. I cannot wait to use this information on my athletes this afternoon to improve their training. Once my body recovers from being wrecked all weekend in a day or two, I will be back under load and it can't happen soon enough.

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    Thanks, Pierce! We're proud to say that your experience isn't unique. The seminar really is quite good. And sometimes you get to hang out with Tom AND Wolf at the same time.

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    Indeed, I hope to fly in from New Zealand within the coming months to attend a seminar somewhere. Still haven't figured out which one or where. Hopefully the more folks you have coming from overseas, the sooner folks already in the U.S. will stop complaining about travel distances. I've seen that quite a bit on here.


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