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    For programming questions, we almost always need to know:

    1) Age / sex?
    2) Current Body Weight?
    3) Current programming (what program are you using).
    4) How long have you been on current programming?
    5) Starting body weight (what was your body weight when you started lifting? Started current program?).
    6) Increment you are using on the lift in question. When did you switch to this increment? What was the previous Increment for the lift in question?
    7) Caloric intake (in calories-ish. The answer "sufficient caloric intake" is totally insufficient).
    8) Protien Intake (gr/day)
    9) Amount of rest between sets (work sets).
    10) What weight you started the program at (weight on the bar for the lift in question) and a detailed description of how long, what increments were used, and what kind of breaks / vacations / etc caused a disruption in the programming).
    11) Other activity that you are engaging in (sports, hobbies, job that causes physical exertion).
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