I'll Attempt at Power Cleans, Again I'll Attempt at Power Cleans, Again

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Thread: I'll Attempt at Power Cleans, Again

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    Default I'll Attempt at Power Cleans, Again

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    I'm aware that there are several things going on here, especially with my jump ( forward jump, probably due to donkey kicking and I think that I may be over emphasizing meeting the bar with my chest). I'm lanky with longer forearms and it's hard for me to get an efficient rack. I'm gripping pretty wide, about to were my bench width is, which is pinky finger about an inch from the score. Could I possibly get by with this rack, or should I just start practicing power snatches again? Thanks

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    You are jumping too low. Touch higher on the thigh. Stay off of your toes and instead stay in balance over the middle of your foot as you pull from the floor. Let go of the bar a little and allow it to roll into your fingertips. Your rack is pretty bad right now. Letting the bar roll into the fingers, perhaps coupled with a wider grip, will perhaps help this. On the plus side, you are keeping your arms straight.

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    As Tom said, you're jumping too soon. You're knocking the bar forward with your thighs which causes you to hop forward. Be patient so you can jump and keep the bar close.


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