Easy Doesn't Work - A Review of Morton, et al. Easy Doesn't Work - A Review of Morton, et al.

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Thread: Easy Doesn't Work - A Review of Morton, et al.

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    Default Easy Doesn't Work - A Review of Morton, et al.

    Jonathon Sullivan, Starting Strength Coach and Physician, leads a panel discussion on a recent paper in which the authors concluded that "Neither load nor systemic hormones determine resistance training-mediated hypertrophy or strength gains in resistance-trained young men."

    Panel members are: Jonathon Sullivan, Austin Baraki, John Petrizzo, and CJ Gotcher.

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    Awesome video. I watched it on this site, but then went to check out the YouTube comments. Wow, to Sully, you have a lot patience for idiots. Reminds me of this,

    Watch Internet Comments Talk Show From Saturday Night Live - NBC.com

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    I watched this yesterday. Some questions I would have asked if I had been there:

    1) Was the design and conclusion of this paper influenced by the multi-ton elephant in the room, steroids? Did they choose a novice "trained" population as an attempt to avoid steroid users? Did their conclusion "lifting heavy doesn't make you bigger and stronger" have an implied, "therefore everyone who is bigger and stronger is juicing."

    2) How would you design a study to test strength gain variation between light-weight high-rep vs. heavy-weight low-rep programs?

    3) What studies would you like to see done in this area? Not so much to enlighten the general populace (who don't care), but to make our programs and training better.


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