Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights

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Thread: Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights

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    Default Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights

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    by Mark Rippetoe

    The media has been interested in strength training recently, although they don't know that's what they're actually interested in.

    A study published in the British Medical Journal Open – Leisure time computer use and adolescent bone health —findings from the Tromsø Study, Fit Futures: a cross-sectional study – morphed into this headline from Reuters: “Screen Time Linked to Weaker Bones in Teen Boys.”

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    My oldest boy at 12 years old, a few months ago back in December (2016). I focused on rips advice not to worry about weight until puberty hit. We'll this started happening shortly after he turned 12 (Jan 1, 2016). Prior to that he would work out with me in the garage but mainly with just the bar and maybe 25lbs while trying too improve his form.

    1st Video at 100kilos plus 20lbs
    2nd Video at 120kilos
    missed recording 120kilos plus 20lbs (he just setup fast and hit it before I had time to press record
    4th Video at 140kilos

    My biggest challenge is getting him off the video games and lifting with me, he is the only kid (per their PE Coach) at his junior high (7th grade) that actually improved his numbers on running and push ups.

    So at the moment my focus is to just take it one day at a time, I'm planning on doing some competitive competition this years so he has already asked the question about getting into the competition but we would have to focus on ensure his depth is there. All fun work in progress.




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    That's a rather comically-unfortunate headline from Reuters (though one I'm sure will scare a lot of teen boys into reading it)...

    I've always wondered if some of the fear around youngsters lifting weights had something to do with the association between lifting and the supplementing (doping) often associated with the sport, back before all the "paleo powerlifters" came on the scene. I can see far greater justification for that concern, particularly as an adult who's very conscious about what he puts into his body (protein powder is my only supplement) as well as what he feeds to his two-year-old. I wonder if the misconceptions will cease as new cohorts find their way to the barbell?

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    Appreciate the article. I have a 14 year old who needs to start asap. He plays goalie in soccer and has always gotten by talent alone. Maybe this made him lazy but kids have caught up on the physical part. If onlyI did SS at his age and not rely on Muscle and Fitness.


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