How to Squat 405 in 12 Weeks How to Squat 405 in 12 Weeks

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Thread: How to Squat 405 in 12 Weeks

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    Default How to Squat 405 in 12 Weeks

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    by Niki Sims

    The Novice Linear Progression (NLP) is very basic. As SSC Brent Carter, who does the programming lecture at our seminars puts it, itís pumpkin spice lattes and Uggz. As a Novice, you donít need complexity to get stronger than you are right now. All of you is weak, so youíll focus on the big lifts to make all of you less weak.

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    What an excellent article!

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    Monday will be 12 weeks LP for me, and I'm scheduled to squat 385# 3 x 5.
    Article exaggerates by exactly 20#.

    btw, the "learn how to grind" line is not something I would have understood at all until the last few weeks of squats where each 3 x 5 was higher than my all time 1RM. A seriously underrated part of an LP.

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