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Thread: Volume and the Masters Lifter

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    Default Volume and the Masters Lifter

    by Jonathon Sullivan and Andy Baker

    With the younger, stronger, gifted athlete, we can use higher volume, observe, and if necessary, titrate volume down. With the older, more delicate, more complex Masters Athlete, we use moderate or low volume, observe, and titrate volume up.

    Read article

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    Default This is a helpful article!

    This is a helpful article - and makes sense to me with my SSC's recent programming. I've been working with Dan Flannick, SSC, for about a year and as an SSOC since that began. I'm just sorry I live too far to get to his gym more than occasionally! Danny's really pleased that I have a more open schedule this semester, and has taken me back to three days a week, but that extra day is definitely a light squat - titrating the volume up.

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    Have read The Barbell Presciption -- very thorough as we have come to expect from Rip and his disciples.

    I'm 65 and have been working with Dave Abdemoluaire, first in his garage, and now at his gym Chicago Strength and Conditioning. As both Jonathan and Andy point out, Masters like me can have bizaree schedules -- I have business commitments that have me traveling nationally and internationally.

    I was deadlifting with Dave 340 for 5 last summer, and then got pneumonia, with screwed up everything including my lifting. But since early this year, got back into it, and Dave has me on a set of progression work outs -- warmups with the bar, and the sets of 5 in progressively heavier loads. My last workout in KG, was

    A) Squat
    5x 55, 65, 75, 85, 95-- final in pounds 209

    B) Press
    5x 36, 42, 48, 54, 59 -- 130 lbs

    C) Deadlift
    5x 95, 120, 142.5 --314 lbs

    Volume sensitive and intensity dependent!! I'll get back to 340 DL soon...

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    I'm only 70 but I realize as Sully and Andy have indicated I do better with intensity than I do with volume. Sully is an excellent coach. I've been working with him for over 4 years. A group of will be attending the Fall event in Chicago. I'm hoping to DL over 350 come and cheer me on. I hope to not embarrass myself on the Press.

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    I am 72 years old. My experience is that the observations about older lifters--volume sensitivity and intensity dependence--apply to me. My guess is that, if you are an older lifter, the observations also apply to you. My suggestion, if you are a motivated older lifter who has stalled or regressed, is to not waste time--start now to consider the observations in structuring your program.
    I wasted time because I didn't have the guidance this article provides and my only opportunity to get together with a Starting Strength coach is when I go to Cleveland Clinic (in Ohio) for medical appointments. Last year's appointments didn't coincide with openings in my coach's schedule.
    In any case, months of trial and error brought me to the conclusions and benefits you can gain right now by reading and heeding this article.
    Best wishes,
    Aging Bones


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