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    by Andrew Jackson

    Models are useful tools for building integrity because they provide structure for consistent coaching. Again, while individual incidents can make or break trust, the model is more useful in thinking about long term patterns of behavior that incrementally influence perceptions over the course of a relationship. We use models for coaching movement because a model enables the coach to adapt to the specific while holding steady to common principles.

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    This is a great article about an important, broadly applicable topic. I like how well you tied it to strength coaching. I especially like this practical takeaway "Start paying attention to whether you feel stronger or weaker when you speak. Notice, for example, how you feel when you gossip or complain in contrast to how it feels to speak openly and honestly from your own experience". I immediately realized it to be true, and observable in others. Beyond that the article is rich in ideas on the inter-personal side of coaching/leading that we all should embrace.


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