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  • Read the book(s). This forum is not a substitute for the texts upon which the method and model we use here are based. Basic questions about topics that are addressed at length in the foundational texts may get short answers, or not answered at all. Obviously this does not apply to follow-up questions, clarifications, counter-analyses, etc. However, the basic material of the book answers many questions we receive, so don't be surprised if we direct you there when appropriate.
  • Form checks should be posted in the Technique forum. If you want your form check to be reviewed by a Starting Strength Coach, become a verified user: Get Verified
    Non-verified users can still post form checks but keep in mind that you may be getting advice from a Random Internet Person who doesn't know what they're talking about. We encourage you to get verified and post your form checks in the Technique forum, so we can help you and others can learn.
  • Read the information below on how to video your workouts. This will make it easier for us to critique what we see.

  • Please don’t include multiple videos unless we ask for them. One exercise. One video. Preferably for a set of five. Power cleans or power snatches can be for sets of two or three, and, if needed, post two sets for the Olympic lift variants so we can see more repetitions.
  • Don't take the previous line literally, and post separate videos all at the same time for multiple lifts. One exercise, one video, for a set of five filmed from a good angle. If you want a form check on multiple exercises, space them apart a week or two.
  • Once you post a video, you need to leave it on YouTube, Vimeo, etc… in perpetuity. This allows others to learn from what we said. If you take your videos down, you suck. If we find out about it, we will delete all future form checks from you.
  • If you are posting about deadlifts or power cleans, please read the thread below first. If done exactly as written, this should solve 90% of your problems with pulls from the floor.

  • For a discussion of how to balance the ideas of perfecting form vs. increasing weight:

  • On "what weight should I switch to Intermediate programming at?" and strength to bodyweight ratios, i.e. is a 1.5 x BW squat a good goal, etc:

  • If you are suffering from tendinitis, read this:

  • For programming inquiries, please provide us enough information to help you:

  • Ask your question once and be patient. Your post will not show until we approve it. It sometimes takes a few days to get to all the posts. Posting the same question in Rip’s Q&A, Andy’s Q&A, someone’s Facebook page, and then here, or posting multiple times here, tells us you want to be ignored or deleted.
  • We answer these questions for free. Respect and courtesy go a long way. Enjoy and ask away.

Also, for those that want to see what power cleans performed with a vertical bar path should look like, here are a few examples.

Power Clean Technique - Starting Strength on Vimeo