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Thread: Front Squats for Cleans?

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    Default Front Squats for Cleans?

    Hi Rip, I am learning to do the clean. A guy in the gym said, "You need to master the front squat first!" I thought to myself, "I don't remember Rip saying that." So I googled "Rippetoe Front Squat" and found a helpful video. In it you mentioned that the front squat is essential for olympic lifters to get out of the clean. Is there a difference between an "olympic clean" and, say, a "starting strength clean"? Where I would need front-squats to train the one, but not needed to successfully perform the other? Appreciate your help. Justin

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    There's a power clean, ( EXAMPLES click here )

    then there's a clean, or as you might call it "olympic clean" or "clean and jerk" as a contested lift in Olympic Weightlifting. ( EXAMPLE click here )

    If you are doing the SS Novice Program, you only need to learn the POWER clean.
    The terms clean and power clean might get used interchangeably in the context of the SSNP at times around here.

    Front squats are NOT necessary to learn the POWER clean.
    If you are learning to clean, as in the full squat clean for the competition movement, then yes, a lot of front squatting would be a real good idea.


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