Am I still able to run Starting Strength? Am I still able to run Starting Strength?

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Thread: Am I still able to run Starting Strength?

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    Default Am I still able to run Starting Strength?

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    I have been lifting since October 2017 starting out at 58 110 lb and I am now 58.5 ~ 59 150 lbs. I have been sporadic with my eating, sleep and training. My lifts went up as follows: S: 75x5 -> 240x5 (high bar) B: 55x5 -> 140x5 D: 95x5 -> 255x5
    I am thinking about running Starting Strength very soon. How well am I able to progress given my time of lifting but my extremely low numbers? Currently learning how to low bar squat.

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    Generally, we don't talk about potential in terms of the amount of time you have spent lifting. It has more to do with how much of your potential you have already realized, and if you're 5'9" 150 and haven't run an LP before, it's unlikely that you've exhausted your novice gains. I would highly recommend buying and reading the book, then run LP while on a fairly high calorie diet, details inside of the book. Also, if you can afford a coach, that would take a lot of the questions away and generally make the process easier.

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    I would definitely run LP, but consistency is the key - consistency with training (it's only 3 times a week), eating and sleeping. It was a change for me at the beginning to actually care about what I ate, but just about every time I slacked off on eating or sleeping, I paid for it in the next training session.
    Good Luck!


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