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Thread: Advice if failed to run LP correctly

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    Hello - I am 52 & 6' 1" and 187 lbs. with no previous weight training experience. I started my LP about 11 months ago. I failed to eat correctly and therefore failed to maximize the novice effect as I should have. As a result, I stalled out with only a 200 lb squat and a 225 deadlift, for instance. I actually lost about 5 lbs during LP.

    I now eat 3000 calories per day - averaging 225 protein and 300 grams of carbs with the rest being fat and am starting to slowly add weight (about 2 lbs per month). I am on a HLM program and am seeing small progress in weight each month.

    As I now move forward, are there any strategies going forward that may be helpful to try to make up some of the ground I lost? It is regrettable that I messed up the novice phase but I am trying to focus on what to do in the future rather than bemoaning my error.


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    You're still a novice. Now that you can recover, run it again. You will find that 3000 kcal will probably not be enough.


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