Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Rip & Stef for inviting me back to the board to help out with managing Q&A.

For those of you new to the community, I am the owner of Kingwood Strength & Conditioning (a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym) located just north of Houston, Texas. My gym is a small private facility that is only available for private coaching sessions and is not open to public membership.

I was also honored to be the co-author of two of our flagship texts: Practical Programming for Strength Training and The Barbell Prescription.

I have been in the industry as a coach and personal trainer in several capacities since 2001. I began coaching the Starting Strength Program to my clients when I opened my gym in 2007, and became an official SSC in 2012.

If you want to schedule a coaching session with me, you can do so through my website at www.KingwoodStrength.com. The website is designed to appeal to the older 50+ crowd, but I do work with clients of any age and with a variety of different training goals.

I also operate a Blog on all things strength/performance/physique at Home - Andy Baker If you want to purchase a training template, sign up for online coaching etc, then you can do so via my Blog.

If you are currently training with one of my training programs and you want to discuss the ins and outs of the program, ask for help, etc then please do so as a member of my own private Facebook Group and forum. Discussion of my programs here on the Starting Strength forums is confusing for members looking for information on the Starting Strength program or the programs in PPST3. Email me at kingwoodstrength@gmail.com for info on how to access my private Facebook and forums.